Gianco is a brilliant emerging designer and a well-known cool hunter (hunter of new styles and trends)
— Ester Palma, Corriere della Sera

It all started…

While attending the 'Institute of Art' in Isernia, Italy, Iaciofano's love for fashion fully emerged while he studied the artist Jackson Pollock who’s dripping paint technique fascinated him. Iaciofano passionately poured his artistic creativity into his fashion designs which resulted in a Internship with fashion houses Ratti and Pinko where Iaciofano designed fabric patterns for Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo. In 2010 Iaciofano completed a Diploma in Fashion.


After taking a year sabbatical in Milan, collecting inspirational ideas amid the fashion scene, Iaciofano began a three year fashion degree at 'Accademia di Belle Arti Frosinone', completing two years. He independently created a fashion blog ‘contamination-by’ accumulating over 800,000 viewers in just one year which resulted in a collaboration with Muta Design and Wella.


Following on, Iaciofano created his Water and Air collection inspired by Pollock. Through the collection he related to the many forms in which the way water and air show themselves and intertwine. The collection showcased how the gentle ripples of both elements can suddenly become forceful and sharp. These paper fashion sculptures were published in Vogue Italia, elegantly modelled by the beautiful Luisa Petraroia.


Iaciofano was then faced with challenges he never envisaged would occur. In 2014 he was involved in a road traffic accident and as a result developed cancer. However it wasn’t long before his deep need to continue his expression through fashion, with his "I can do it" attitude saw him participate in competitions and collaborations exposing his material creations. Iaciofano's collections were shown at multiple fashion shows including: Altaroma, Miss Precious, Among Roses, Victim of Beauty, Fashion Unite and Milan Mad Gallery.


In 2015 Iaciofano travelled to New York for six months to discover a new life in fashion. Searching for new ideas he closely watched the New York fashion scene discovering a new diversity in fashion as he attended numerous shows during fashion week.  Iaciofano then returned to Italy where he debuted his “The Diversity of the Rebel” fashion show, in Roma, where it made it into the pages of Erika Gottardi, Fashion In Town and YouReporter publications.


In 2016 Iaciofano continued his travels to London to study the retail market which resulted in the birth of his brand and label ‘GIANCO HANDMADE, made in Italy’ .

Iaciofano continues to grow his brand GIANCOHANDMADE and with iconic celebrity collaborations in 2018 under his belt with the likes of Pegasus Street Artist (aka The American Banksy) and with the wonderful Vladimir Luxuria who graced the screens in a GIANCOHANDMADE custom dress for a charity event that raised over 36 million Euros. Iaciofano is a rebel with a cause.

To date, 2019 has so far seen Iaciofano being invited by Italy’s very own charismatic TV media presenter Carlos Senes as the special guest for the Gran Gala della Moda 2019 with the title of ‘International Designer’. Presenting the new Cruise Collection by GIANCOHANDMADE with a beautiful introduction made by Carlos Senes and Milena Miconi.